3 Bello Ice Packs

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  • Multiple Use - These tough freeze blocks are great to use in cool bags, lunch bags and cool boxes. You can also use on injuries such as sprains or muscular aches.
  • Thin & Light Weight - The 100g ice pack is easy to use by just placing in a freezer overnight. Keeps your food cool and fresh for hours. For use with insulated cool bags and cool boxes. Approx. Size 7 CMS X 8 CMS
  • Colourful Design - Ice packs are designed with 3 different colours, kids would like them very much to use for their school lunch boxes. Also perfect use for adults office lunch bag.
  • Easy to use and Easy to clean – Place in fridge overnight and this will freeze over nicely for you to use next day. If you spill food or drink on the pack, very easy to clean wipe down or wash.
  • Use several depending on how big the cool box/bag is or how cold you need to keep your contents.

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