6PCS Pack Ice Cream Lolly Maker

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  • 🍦 Perfect for that family gathering or kids party. Let your imagination run wild and make your special Popsicle or lolly by filling them with healthy juices, purees, yogurt, fruit, ice cream and jellies.
  • 🍨 Easy to Use and Reusable Ice Pop Moulds: Nothing could be better than Lying on the grass and having a sweet ice cream on a hot summers day.
  • 🍦 You can add fruit, juice or other things you want to add to the ice moulds to make ice cream of different flavours. Come with 6 reusable sticks, each time you are able to make 6 popsicles, could make 6 different tastes at one time
  • 🍨Please allow 2-3 minutes once taking out the ice pop or ice lolly from the freezer or run the mould under a tap before separating the ice lolly or pop with its mould.
  • 🍦 Reusable design, once you have finished all of your healthy ice popsicles or lollies, cleaning could not be any easier. All you need is warm soapy water, and all moulds are dishwasher safe too.

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