Beard Growth Roller

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  • THICKER, FULLER BEARD - The Groomarang Beard Derma Roller is Equipped with Hundreds of Micro Needles that Pierce through the Top Layer of Skin to Create Thousands of Micro Punctures. The Punctures Trigger the Body’s Natural Healing Process, Which Encourages the Circulation of Nutrient Rich Blood and Stimulates Dormant Hair Follicles. The Needles are Deep enough to Encourage New Growth, but not Long Enough to Cause Damage to your Skin. 
  • INCREASES PRODUCT ABSORPTION - Beard Rolling Increases the Absorption of Your Favourite Beard Oil, Facial Serum or Moisturiser by up to 85%, Compared to Just 4% when Applied without Using a Groomarang Beard Roller! 
  • VERSATILE - Our Beard Growth Roller is Multi Purpose and can also be Used on the Scalp to Encourage Hair Regrowth. Used on the Skin it Helps Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Repair Acne Scarring and Improve Stretch Marks.
  • HOW TO USE - Roll the Groomarang Derma Beard Roller 10 Times in Each Direction Crossways, Up, Down, Left and Right Until the Treatment Area is Covered. Repeat 2-3 Times Per Week.
  • KEEP IT CLEAN - For Hygiene Purposes, Please Ensure Derma Roller is Cleaned Regularly. Due to the Nature of the Products Intended Use, it is Imperative the Instrument is Kept Clean. We Recommend Our Specifically Formulated Groomarang “Rock n Roll’ Beard and Hair Roller Disinfectant Spray.

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