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“I struggle daily to carry my babies change bag, coats, food shopping and many other bits and bobs when I'm out and about.”

“My lightweight buggy has no basket or tray! “

“The stroller storage become becomes inaccessible when my toddler is asleep.”

Introducing the: Generise 'Mummy' Buggy Pram Clip

For those days when you feel like you're carrying the kitchen sink on your buggy, we can help solve all these problems with the Generise 'Mummy' Buggy Pram Clip!

Our STRONG and STURDY clip simply attaches anywhere on your stroller handle or frame, so you can simply clip your items onto the SOLID carabiner clip. 

The hook is tested to a load of 10kg meaning, you will be pleasantly surprised how much it can carry.

Easily remove the clip for use elsewhere: Pram, car, shopping trolley or anywhere else you can think of. Alternatively, buy a couple of packs, this way you can always keep a spare one with you. The more you use them the more useful they become. You will certainly wonder how you ever coped without it!


Never leave the pram/buggy unattended or unhandled, to avoid any issues. 


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