Car Pride Shammy Leather

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  • 🚗 You’ll never dry your car with anything else. Can be used to dry car interior Cleaning home furniture, window, glass cleaning, camera, jewellery, kitchen and bathroom to make them sparkle. Getting a shine on your car, motorcycle, boat or RV
  • 🚖 After washing your car, take the damp chamois and dry your car for a spot free finish. When it’s wet, just wring it out and keep going. Chamois drying Towel is fast and easy absorption for any liquid, do not leave lint and washing mark on the face
  • 🚕 Normal towels absorb to their capacity and then they’re done because you just can’t wring them out enough to do more. The chamois absorbs 9x its own weight and then wrings out thoroughly again and again. Forget paper towels…or any other towel
  • 🚘 Use your chamois to dry dishes and clean windows for a spot-free clean. Works great at eliminating fingerprints and smudges from shiny surfaces
  • 🏎️ Your chamois works when it’s damp and it never needs to be dried. For most uses you can simply rinse it out and store it. If your chamois gets dirty, machine or hand wash it with soap and water. Don’t use fabric softener and don’t dry it. Just put the damp chamois back into its plastic container. (If you do dry it, it will get very stiff. It’s okay, but you’ll need to soak it in water before using it again.

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