Cat Eyeliner 6 in 1 Stencil

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Comes in 6 Designs: Double Winged Liner, Fishtail Liner, Extravagant Cat
Eyeliner & 3 Different Cat Eyeliner Designs.
It is made of plastic and comes with basic instructions.
This item comes as 6 in 1multifunctional cat eyeliner stencil set.
You can use the stencil to make many unique individual designs. 
It is important to have a tool that will give you peace of mind while applying your eyeliner. 
It helps to create the perfect and unique ‘Cat’ eyes look that you love.
Easy to use because the same stencil can be used for both eyes to give you six unique designs. How to use: First,you choose the design you want, use your eyeshadow first to create the shape.
Then set the look with liquid eyeliner or your eye pencil. 
Use it on one eye then simply turn the design round to complete your look on the other eye. Package Contents:  1 Pcs Eyeliner Stencil

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