Deep Cleansing Blackhead Mask

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 Infinitive Beauty Deep Cleansing Black Mask - Blackhead Removing Peel off Mask 50g


Restore a Youthful Glow With This Powerful, Deep Pore Cleansing Mask That Purifies Skin by Removing Dull Surface Cells, Blackheads and Impurities.


Reduce the Appearance of Enlarged Pores


Eliminate Excess Oil Right Away


Use it on all problem areas including the nose, chin, forehead and back


The Skinapeel Black Head Removing Peelb off Mask is a ground breaking skin care product, which deeply cleanses the pores, whilst removing excess sebum, blackheads and impurities from the skin.


The unique blend of vitamins and plant extracts found within the ingredients soften the skin to restore a smooth, fresh and youthful glow.

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