Eyebrow Tattoo Tint Gel

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Fablashous Brush On Peel Off  Eyebrow Tattoo Tint Gel 5g

Peel off cosmetics! The phenomenal peel-off tattoo, which started with lips, has now made its way to your brows! 


Want your brows to stay on fleek for days with no touch-ups needed? Then this peel-off brow gel that leaves a natural-looking tint onto your brows without smearing and fading is the product for you. Defines, colours, shapes and covers greys quickly. It lasts for days!

How to use

Ensure that your brows are clean, makeup-free and oil-free. Apply a free amount of the gel onto your brows, following its natural shape. The gel will dry in around ten minutes but should be left on for two hours to let the color fully transfer (for optimum results and better color payoff, use before bedtime and peel-off in the morning.). Once completely dry, gently peel the gel off and remove any residue with damp cotton wool.

This brush on/peel off brow tattoo provides lasting colour that lasts up to five days.

Apply, dry and peel off!

You will be left with perfect, groomed and coloured brows with no gaps or greys that will last all week.

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