Eyelash Curlers

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EYELASH CURLERS | 5 Pairs Reusable Eyelash Perming Silicone Curler Curling Pads

Package includes 10pcs (5 pairs)

Eyelash lift is a perming technique that has become a popular method over the traditional perming rods.

By utilising these reusable silicone curling shields (with an eyelash perming kit), you can achieve a lift and shape effect to give the appearance of longer lashes rather than the unnatural curls obtained by using regular perming rods.

These silicone shields gently lifts and perms the lashes from the root and are specially shaped to fit various eye shapes.

They are also uniquely designed with embedded groove lines that assist with sweeping the lashes onto the shields evenly.

Simply choose a pair of shields according to your lash length and desired amount of curl. Generally, for shorter lashes use the smaller shields and longer lashes use the larger shields. Ensure you place the shields as close to the root of the lashes as possible

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