Groomarang Shave Cream

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Groomarang Protective Shave Cream

This is ideally for use with the Back-In-It Back Shaver, but can be used with others.

The all in one hair removal solution will have your fury coat gone in seconds. 


Apply hair removal cream to the area of your body you wish to remove hair from, applying it with the 'cream application sponge'. 

Once you have allowed the cream to take effect, attach the 'hair removal scoop' to the '5 inch razor head' and scoop away the cream and hair away. 

Clean the 'cream application sponge' of all hair removal cream. Attach the 'cream application sponge' to the 'extendable handle' and apply moisturising cream to the area, which you have shaved. 

TOP TIP: Make use of the all attachments and the double-sided extendable handle. 

TOP TIP: Use the 'cream application brush' for application of many creams, including shaving cream, hair removal cream and moisturiser. 

TOP TIP: The hair cleaning brush makes a perfect back scratcher.

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