Heating Cooling Gel Bead Eye Mask

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Heating Cooling Gel Bead Eye Mask Sleep Mask Reusable Puffy Dry Eyes

Heating or Cooling Gel Bead Eye Mask

Ease the pain or increase your relaxation using our innovative Gel Bead Eye Mask. The Gel Bead Eye, sleep-mask style design ensures your eyes remain fully covered during use. Each of the masks is filled with gel beads allowing it to remain pliable even when frozen. Can be used for hot or cold therapy. These hot or cold eye packs are lab study verified, non-toxic, free from heavy metals, BPA free, and phthalate free.

Heat your mask in the microwave for hot therapy. The heated eye mask is great for relieving soreness and reducing nasal congestion. Alternatively you can freeze your mask for cold therapy. A chilled mask helps relieve dry, puffy eyes and sinus headaches. It can also help take the sting out of freshly waxed eyebrows or pain after a cosmetic procedure

Gel bead eye mask with colour-changing technology.


Take all necessary precautions to avoid burning the skin.

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