Jade Roller & Gua Sha Massage Tool

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Jade Roller & Gua Sha Massage Tool

For centuries, face massager roller wheels have been used by ancient empresses to help stimulate the spirit of qi (energy), promote facial relaxation and the beauty of the body.

The facial roller massager wheel is popular in the global costume drama often appears the empress, the grid people use this kind of jade to make the roller massages the face in order to look good.

The natural jade used by ancient Chinese women for thin-faced beauty in the 17th century is now sought after by women all over the world. In a recent report in the women's wear daily, the ancient Chinese "jade beauty roller" has attracted attention on social media amid an overall decline in global sales of beauty equipment.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is made from natural stone. Colours and shades may vary. The Product may also show cosmetic imperfections, this is the stones natural cosmetic appearance and is to be expected.

The two ends of the jade stone roller are similar appearance, a big and a small oval wheel-shaped jade, the middle of the jade made of the handle, the size of jade can be used to massage the face and around the eyes, respectively.

According to the traditional health beauty, jade beauty wheel massage facial nerve acupoints, can dredge lymphatics to promote blood circulation, and then relieve skin aging, can also be used with refined oil.

✅ EFFECTIVE - The Jade Roller is the Solution to All Your Facial Needs, Offering a Host of Effective Cosmetic Benefits! It Helps to Firm the Look of Skin through Gentle Massage, this in Turn Aids Lymphatic Drainage, Flushing Your Body of Unwanted Toxins. The Face Roller Massager is Also Extremely Relaxing!

✅ GUA SHA FACIAL TOOL - Use Your Jade Roller Face Massager in Combination with the Included Jade Gua Sha Stone, Giving You the Ultimate Jade Roller and Gum Sha Set to Emulate the Trusted Ancient Chinese Beauty Routine that is Jade Rolling!

✅ HIGH QUALITY - Our Face Rollers Offer Exceptional Quality and Give You A Salon Feel Experience Everytime!

✅ VERSATILE - Wether You Use the Roller for Face, Neck or Body, You’re Sure to See Great Results!

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