Kerosene Oil Lantern

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Oil Hurricane Lantern Kerosene Paraffin Indoor/Outdoor Camping Lamp Fuel Style


The classic kerosene lamp not only has a retro design style and a stylish appearance, but also uses a transparent glass cover, which has good light transmission and is easy to clean.


The raw materials of the lamp are: stainless steel, tin, steel, high temperature copper plating, cotton core, etc.


Fuel: kerosene, alcohol and other safe fuels (do not use gasoline)


This oil lamp is full of retro and nostalgic style and can be used as decoration and ornaments. It is suitable for tent, camping, living room, bedroom, dining room, bedside table, desk.

The oil lantern 32 cm / 12.7 inch tall, clear glass chimney


The hurricane lamp for indoor use can hold up to 13 oz / 385 ml lamp oil, kerosene, liquid paraffin oil, ghee, do not use petrol or alcohol.


The kerosene lamp is easy to assemble, it consists of 4 parts: glass globe shade, metal burner, round cotton wick and glass lamp oil base.


To ensure an even and bright flame, please use pure lamp oil, and if you need to change the fuel type of the oil lamp, please replace wick.


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