LED Portable Camping Torch

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2 X LED Portable Camping Torch Battery Operated Lantern Night Light Tent Lamp


Innovative battery powered LED lantern, which is equipped with the latest Chip on Board Technology, providing you with 2 times brighter illumination than normal LEDs that lasts for long hours.


Ideal for All Weather Conditions - Our LED camping lamp is made to withstand rough weather conditions. Be it rain, dust, snow, or storms, it can survive accidental drops and any sort of natural disaster. It is undoubtedly the most reliable accessory for all sorts of situations you may face in life.


Magnetic Base & Foldable Hook - The camping lights battery powered are a great way to create overhead lighting when you're out and about. Attach the hook from any toolbox, car hood or metal frame for stationary light that can also be easily detached if need be! For stable positioning, we've got our magnetic base which has strong magnets so it'll stick securely onto any metallic surface.


Uses AA Batteries - This emergency light for power outages can be considered to be the next best thing to actual daylight for hours! All you need are 3 AA batteries (included) that will last you all night long, and even when the power goes out, this lightweight device still shines brightly.


Our set of 2 LED Camping lanterns comes with 6 Duracell AA batteries

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