Lucky Dip Christmas Crackers

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CHRISTMAS CRACKER Lucky Dip | Luxury Make Up Beauty Treats Christmas Crackers

Countdown to Christmas with this GLAMZA Beauty Cracker. The lucky dip cracker features beauty products and cosmetic accessories for nails, lips, eyes, face and hair. 
Pop yours open to reveal your beauty surprises!
It can always be a struggle to find the right gift for make-up fans. Trying to predict their taste or style is practically impossible, and the last thing you want to risk is spending a fortune on expensive cosmetics that they are never going to use. But with the Glamza Ten Piece Lucky Dip JUMBO CHRISTMAS CRACKER, you will never have to worry about such issues again! 
These CRACKERS are versatile to say the least, and are bound to suit a range of purposes. Even if you are not looking to purchase these as a gift, they are great for market traders looking to sell cosmetics, for ensuring you have a few last minute essentials with you on holiday, or even as just a quick top-up for your makeup collection, to ensure you keep looking your best. 

Please remember this is a 'Lucky Dip' cracker. Items are random. Items can and do sometimes get duplicated.
These sets come with a variety of items inside, and are sold as a random assortment. Stylish, elegant, and convenient, these bags are the ultimate in both quality and quantity, without the excessive high street price! 
Includes 5 or 10 makeup items, from the following range: 

- Nail Polish 
- Lip Gloss 
- Liquid Eyeliner 
- Mascara 
- Nail Art Pen 
- Lip Pencil 
- Eye Pencil 
- Eye Shadow 
- Toe Separators 
- Applicators 
- Make Up Brushes
- Nail Wraps
- Nail File
- Lip Balm
- Toe Separators
- 12 Hair Pins
- Wooden Cuticle Sticks
- Plastic Cuticle Pusher
- Spiral Bobble
- Dual Sponge Applicator
- Mini Lip Brush
- Black Eye Liner
- Pencil Sharpener
- Mini Lip-gloss Wand
- Heart Shaped Lip Balm
- Nail Tape
- Nail Glitter
- Nail Caviar
- Nail Stickers
- Hair Tie
- Mini Lip Brush

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