Magnetic Eyelashes with Mirror & Applicator

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Glamza Magnetic False Eyelashes in Case with Mirror & Applicator
Perfect Safety Magnetic Eyelashes - The Magnetic Eyelashes are safe for daily use, lashes undergo extensive internal testing. With proper care, you can use them over and over again. The glue-free design minimizes irritation to your eyes and also prevents any damage to your natural eyelashes.
Pleases note the eyelash applicator tool is a support item but the lashes can also be applied by hand if that is easier for you.
High Quality Material - Made from high-quality silk, bending your eyelash-shaped eyelashes according to a unique curve- We've upgraded these hand-made eyelashes to smaller, more powerful ultra-thin magnets, when you blink your glamorous eyes and give you 100% confidence.
Easy Convenient - These new upgraded half-size eyelash lengths are lighter and longer than other magnetic eyelashes, making them fit perfectly into each eye in three seconds.
Stronger Dual Magnets - Delicate eyelashes include upgraded premium dual magnets to ensure they never peel off your beautiful eyes in front of everyone, unlike other brands. Applicator included to make application of fake lashes quick and effective.
x1 Black Case With Mirror
x1 Eyelash Applicator - Pink
x4 001 Eyelashes - Single magnetic
x4 ZY104 Eyelashes - Triple Magnetic 
Note: Applying the lashes may require time and patience so please be aware of this

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