Metalic Nail Polish

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METALLIC NAIL POLISH | Silver Chrome Magic Mirror Effect Varnish Gel Holographic

Get a silver chrome nail lacquer set.

Featuring a nail oil top-coat and a base-coat.

Designed to be durable yet easy to remove.

Get beautiful mirror-shine nails in just two steps!

Shake the mirror nail lacquer strongly before use. You will hear a ball inside, which helps the mix.

Apply the oil (white bottle) nail lacquer to the nails first, to ensure a smooth surface, and wait for it to dry fully (approximately 1 minute)

Apply the mirror nail lacquer and voila all done. Mirror nails you can see yourself in.

The nail effect is very strong, and will not chip easily, but is made in a way for fast removal.

For fast remove, scratch from bottom of the nail upwards with force, and the lacquer will peel away, making for emergency removal if required.

1) Please apply the base coat first (supplied)
2) let it dry then apply the Chrome Lacquer varnish (supplied)
3) let it dry and then apply a top coat (not supplied)

What you get:
1 x Base Coat
1x Chrome lacquer polish

Butyl acetate, ethyl acetate, nitrocelluse, isopropyl alcohol, phthalic anhydride,  trimellitic, anhydride, glycols, citric acid

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