Nose Hair Trimmer

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Sir Reginald Silver Hawk Ear and Nose Groomer

Features single-hand operation for incredibly gentle trimming of nose and ear hair. No Batteries Required

Sir Reginalds Silver Hawk Ear and Nose Groomer is manufactured from the highest quality materials and presented in the most professional manner. But most importantly of all it works just as good as we say. Ensuring the most pleasant grooming experience possible.

Award Winning Exclusive Features:

Simply squeeze the wing handles together to activate the precision rotary cutters.

You will find that ear hair trimming is especially easy with our single-hand operation trimmers.

It features a precision stainless steel cutting head which can be easily removed for thorough cleaning.

For faster cleaning, simply use the small brush to remove the hairs from the cutters. The wing handles are chrome plated.

No Batteries Required!

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