Pro Nano Teeth Whitening Strips

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Pro Nano 


Teeth Cleaning & Whitening Kit


Using nano technology the kit will give you cleaner and whiter teeth immediately!


Ideal for removing stains caused by smoking, fizzy drinks, tea, coffee and alcohol


Removes Plaque - Removes Stubborn Stains - Non Abrasive - No Chemicals


Contents: 2 Applicators + 5 Cleaning Strips




Cleaning Strip- Melamine


Applicator- Polypropylene


Pull the applicator apart and place a cleaning strip into one of the applicators. The cleaning strip should be bent in half, and it is the middle (bent end) that should protrude out of the applicator once it is placed in the applicator correctly. When clicking the applicator back together, be sure to not catch the cleaning strip in the clip holes, other the applicator will not secure correctly. Push to applicator back together tightly.

Wet the teeth by gargling them with water.

Dip the part of the cleaning strip that is protruding out of the applicator into water.

Start rubbing gently over the teeth and between gaps for 2 minutes. Carefully apply extra pressure on more stubborn stains. Do not apply over excessive pressure, it will cause the cleaning strips to tear. Gentle pressure is enough to clean the teeth. Stains from the teeth will appear onto the cleaning strip after just the first use. Continue use daily until desired results are achieved. 

NOTE: This item with correct use will remove stains from the teeth, which will give the appearance of whiter teeth. It is perfect for removing tea, coffee and smoking stains on the teeth. The item must be used consistently, every day, to get the desired results. Monitor progress with pictures every 3 days.

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