Safe Stash Car Fob

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Generise Safe Stash Car Fob 

The Secret Hiding Compartment


To open simple place one thumb in the circle on the back of the key and your other thumb on the opposite side, pull against your stomach and pull apart. For those with a strong grip, simply pulling apart will work.

Once split into 2 pieces, the half with the unlock, lock and boot opening buttons has a secret compartment for those small items you wish to keep hidden. 

To access, simply hold the metal against your stomach and use your first finger or first two finger nails to pull compartment open along the indentation. Careful not to break a nail! See photos if unsure

To close simply push back together with gentle force.


Car key fob size

7cm x 3.3cm approx.


The key fob is not supposed to be easy to open or figure out. Where would the secret be if it was easy! :>

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