Self Heating Magnetic Neck Support

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NECK SUPPORT BRACE Strap Magnet Neck Pain Self Heating Collar Muscular Support

Provides support and relief from neck pain. This neck support contains a sheet of tourmaline inside, which is a material that generates heat when in close contact with the body.

It's a natural substance that does not require batteries or electricity

A combination of ceramic self-heating magnets and the tourmaline material make for the ultimate pain relief combo. Both of these elements act as body heat reflectors that heat up any area of your body it maintains contact with. The natural heat generated by the neck brace stimulates blood circulation and targets injured muscles by providing effective 'deep heat' pain relief to your neck that also acts against headaches and migraines.

Featuring three embedded powerful magnets, this smart, neck brace is super easy to apply and quickly generates deeply penetrating, stay warm to the problem areas. Lightweight and soft, it provides maximum soothing for acute neck pain, muscle spasms, chronic stiffness and tension in the head area and can aid physical therapy and speed up recovery after sports injuries.

How To Use:

1. Wipe the heat pad with water about 20 mins before use, this will make the "hot" effect more quickly.

2. Put the neck brace support on around your neck, please note the self-heating side should be on the back of your neck.

3. Tighten the neck support with the hook and loop as per your comfort standard.

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