Silicone Glitter Makeup Sponge

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1. Silicone material, easy to clean
2. Washable: You can wash it after use. It's will be like a new product.
3. Comfort: It will massage your face or other body position when you use it.
4. Health: It's easy to clean and not hide any bacteria.
5. Save: The product does not adhere to any makeup material.
6. Material: Silicone gel.
Name: Transparent silicone jelly puff
Material: Silicone gel.
Colour: Pink
Please note that this puff is good use for BB/CC cream makeup not good use for powder.
Gently press on the face, can not pull back and forth, gently playing on it.
The silica gel puff powder, doomed makeup will not be too thin, not a lot of sticky foundation. a small number of superimposed, or will Very thick coated. You can use the foundation to paint the whole face firstly, and then air or by wet pressure by egg makeup puff. you will get a perfect makeup effect.

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