Silver Fox Hair Dye & Styling Wax

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Grommarang Silver Fox Hair Dye and Styling Wax

Give your hair some real personality. Join the latest trend and get the Clooney silver shine with the Groomarang Silver Fox Hair Colouring Wax.

Made of natural ingredients including beeswax, brazil palm wax and tea extract, the versatile hairdressing pomade will allow you to colour,

mould and sculpt your hair from the comfort of your home in seconds.

With its instant apply and instant remove formula, you can decide how long you keep the style.

Want a change? It comes out with one wash. Want to look like a silver fox again? Apply it, and your desires will be fulfilled in seconds.


Place a small amount of wax into the palm of your hands and rub in a circular motion covering your palm and fingers.

Massage evenly into the hair to achieve the desired look, spreading in from the roots upwards.


Rub the hair continuously under warm water, until completely removed. All colour will be removed after one thorough wash.

Suitable for all hair types.

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