Skin Tag Remover + Refill

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The World’s First Effective ‘Do It Yourself’ Skin Tag Removal Device 

Remove Those Unwanted Skin Tags In 3 Easy Steps 

TagCone’s revolutionary design stops the flow of blood to your skin tag allowing it to fall off. 

Rapidly Removes Skin Tags - Safe & Easy Home Use Kit - Suitable For Most Skin Tags


The TagCone offers an affordable, effective and fast solution to ridding yourself of those embarrassing skin tags.


TagCone works by cutting the skin tags blood supply, resulting in the skin tag falling off.



TagCone Contents:

1 x TagCone

10 x TagCone Bands

1 x TagCone Band Adjuster

10 x Cleansing Swabs

1 x Instructions Manual


Used up all of your TagCone bands and swabs?

The refill pack is the perfect solution for topping up your bands and swabs without ordering the complete system again.

TagCone Refill Pack Contents:

20 x TagCone bands 20 x Cleansing swabs

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