Ultimate Teeth Whitening Kit

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Obtaining a whiter, brighter smile isn't just a 'one-time' thing! That's why we created the Glamza 'Ultimate' Teeth Whitening Kit!

Our teeth are exposed to lots of 'nasties' during the day that essentially stain our teeth over time. With the use of several different 'tools' we can be proactive in treating and removing these unwanted stains.

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Glamza 'Hello Smile' LED Teeth Whitening Light and Mouth Tray Combo with option of
10ml 'Zero Peroxide' Sodium Bicarbonate Gel
The mini whitening accelerator contains a staggeringly strong LED bulb!
Emits more light than any other mini LED lamp.
Comes with attachable mouth tray for hands free whitening (no need to hold the light with your hand).
Lamp helps to accelerate the breakdown of whitening gel meaning wear time of only 20 minutes per day!

Pro Nano teeth whitening set - consisting of 2 applicators and 5 cleaning strips - for visibly whiter teeth
With state-of-the-art nanotechnology - the cleaning strips are made of melamine and are therefore smaller than toothpaste molecules and they provide a thorough cleaning
Removal of stains & discoloration due to smoking, coffee, tea, etc ..
Practical: For at home or on the go
Reusable: Simply rinse with clean water after use (reuse up to 10x)


Glamza activated tooth whitening powder is new innovative teeth whitening solution is unlike any seen before, combining essential natural ingredients blended with a refreshing mint orange flavouring. It has been adapted from a ancient old remedy.
Activated charcoal has been used throughout the centuries to treat people who have accidentally ingested Poison - with its porous surface, It attaches to toxins and impurities in the body to draw them out.
Glamza activated teeth whitening powder comes in mint flavour. It is made with natural activated charcoal and coconut shell.
The best effective and safe teeth whitening solution, whiten the teeth instantly by removing stains, toxins and plaque from the teeth.

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