Unicorn Mermaid Glitter

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Chunky Unicorn Mermaid Glitter 2g
Our cosmetic glitters are extremely versatile and multi-use. Pop some under the eye as glam glitter tears, or on the cheekbones for a reflecting highlight. In the hair we love it mixed in with braids or painted into a middle parting. On the body, dust some on the collarbones and shoulders for a super shimmering effect. Mix colours and techniques together and the possibilities of beauty are endless.
Super dazzling mixed flake glitter pots.
Featuring holographic colours, flakes, hexagons and strips.
Fully tested and safe for use on the body.
Purchase the 'CHUNKY GLITTER FIXING SPRAY' to keep the glitter fixed into place easily and will not mess, much less messy and more effective than glues, and will last over 100 uses. The spray mechanism means you can have the glittery look in a matter of seconds.
Various colours, not just the image colours.

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