Vampire Eyeliner & Magic Stamp Seal

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2 in 1 Vampire Eyeliner Pen and Magic Stamp Seal

Wave goodbye to cat-eye catastrophes and wing your way to uniform flicks with this ingenious eyeliner stamp.

With this game-changing eyeliner tool, The Magic Stamp has taken the beauty world by storm, promising a quick, innovative method to wing your way to faultless feline flicks.

Unbelievably easy to use, you simply coat the fool-proof, wing-shaped stamp in cushion or non-waterproof liquid liner, line it up with the corner of your eye, press on and hey presto – perfect cat-eye liner. Join the ‘vamp camp’ and eliminate the stress of achieving ‘flick’ symmetry! You won’t know what to do with all your newfound spare time!

Use your own liquid liner, or take advantage of the great price for our 3 piece special price to receive the stamp, the ink and the brush. Choose from either a medium or large stamp to suit your individual taste!

Offering intense colour saturation with a beautiful, satin finish, VINK Eyeliner Ink is a must-have product to end the seemingly endless quest for the ideal eyeliner flick. The ink to The Magic Stamp’s ingenious wing-shaped stamp, this liner ensures flawless application, while its long-wearing, water-resistant formula will keep your flicks in place until you decide otherwise.

Together with the VERGE Angle Brush, which is perfect for applying liner to the rest of the eye after vamp-stamping, you’ll be equipped with everything you need to wing it with The Magic Stamp.

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