Whiskey Stones | Skull Ice Mould | Shot Spinner Set

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Granite Whiskey Stones 9PC | Skull Ice Mould | Shot Spinner Party Game Perfect Gift

Whiskey On The Rocks - 9pc Whisky Stones

Complete with a velvet style pull-string storage pouch!

Large Ice Cube Tray Skull Maker Big Rubber Mould Sphere Whiskey Ice Cube Mould

Spin Shot Party Game

Packaged in a smart gift box making them an ideal gift for the refined connoisseur of spirits.

Chill your liquor without diluting it! Unlike ice, these stones are non-porous and thus odourless and tasteless

Each stone has rounded edges, preventing glass scratching

Can be washed & reused.

Ice Mould Features:

Pour water into the mould and place it in the freezer.

Being made from high quality silicone, this mould is both durable and flexible.

Simply put the silicone in the dishwasher or wash it with soap water for cleaning.

This ice mould will fit in most glass sizes and can find room in almost any freezer.

This 3D Skull Design Ice Cube Mould will add an explosion to you and your guest’s drinks.

The 3D Skull Design Ice Cube Mould is a great alternative to round ice or the ak ice tray.

Big ice cubes keep your drink colder longer, so this grenade will keep your drink cool without diluting its flavour.

Perfect for adding to just about any drink Whiskey, Cocktail, Mixed Drinks, Juice and more. It s an ideal size for most glass sizes and can find room in any freezer 



Glass Drinking Game Fun Party Gifts, Turntable Toys Drinking Game Shot Glass With Spinning Wheel Bar Games


All you have to do is fill the shot glass (included) with something alcoholic, place it in the middle of the arrow-headed spinner, and give it a whirl! Whoever the arrow points at is obliged to down the shot, at which point you can refill the glass and repeat.


Shot Spinner Novelty Drinking Game! If you’ve got enough alcohol and enough stamina - it could go on all night! 

How To Use:

Clean your stones under water (rinse thoroughly before first use)

Stock in freezer for 4 hours plus

Serve 3 stones per drink (liquid height no more than one stone)

Let stand for five minutes


Whiskey Stone Material:


Approx Size: 2x2x2cm cubed

Ice Mould Material:

Food Grade Silica Gel

Specification: 4 Pieces Mould Positions

Size (L*W*H): 12 x 8.5 x 5 cm

Each Skull Mould Size (H*W): 46 x 40 mm

Usage: To make ice, ice cream, cakes, biscuits, mousse, jelly, chocolate and other food 


Rinse and air stones after every use

Store stones in freezer for next time

Do not chew or ingest

Not suitable for children

Package Includes:

9 Granite Whiskey Stones

Skull Ice Cube Mould

Shot Spinner

Please drink responsibly

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