3D Body Massage Roller

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Glamza 3D Body Massage Roller

This 360 Degree Rotation Massage Tool Helps Massage and Loosen Tight Muscles and To Alleviate Knots in The Muscle. It Promotes Blood Circulation Which Stimulates Your Body to Remove Toxins That May Be Trapped and Helps to Bring Healing Blood to The Muscle.

The Ergonomic Design Fits Perfectly in Your Hand While the Rotating Balls Gliding Gently Across Your Skin to Provide an Easy-To-Use and Effective Device.

The Solar Micro Current Activates the Cells, Promotes Metabolism and Blood Circulation.

Benefits And Features:

Body Massage

Stimulate A Feeling Of Relaxation

Helps Loosen Tight Muscles

Helps To Alleviate Knots In The Muscle.

Smooth Rolling Technology

Waterproof Design

Easy To Use

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