Ada Short Curly Brown Afro Wig

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We are calling all the Naturalista's who want to be Naturalista's but need that wig to make them Natualista's - We got you, sis. Step-in style with our new 'Ada' Fro wig. 


- 100% Heat Resistant Fibre Made Synthetic Wig

- Colour: 7 Light Brown

- Maximum Heat (160 Degrees)

- Fits any head size

- 8 inches

- Soft and Natural Feel

- Adjustable Straps

- Washable (Please scroll down for hair care)



Step 1

Comb out tangles with a wide-tooth comb gently. Work from the ends of the hair to the roots as you gently comb the tangles out.

Step 2

Fill up a sink with water. The water should be cool to lukewarm. Immerse all of the hair in the water.

Step 3

Mix a capful shampoo formulated for synthetic hair or sulphate free shampoo.

Step 4

Swish the hair around in the water by moving it from side to side, then, dunk the hair up and down. Go back and forth between swishing and dunking the hair until clean.

Step 5

Rinse the hair thoroughly with cool water until all of the lather has rinsed out and the water runs clear.

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