Air Flow Nose Vent

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Acusnore Air Flow Nose Vent

The Acusnore air flow nose vent opens the nostrils widely and stabilises them using the nose locks moulded onto the pin. This improves the air flow of the respiratory tract, which effectively helps reduce and even eliminate snoring and sleep apnoea.

The Acusnore air flow nose vent can be purchased as a single size or multi 4 pack.

Night use: improves the exchange of air through the nose to help prevent snoring.

Day use: better air flow can even increase performance in sports and physical activities.

Each pack comes with four sizes to ensure you find a size which fits perfectly.

Made with a unique spiral basket design & extra comfortable non slip, soft PE material for optimal results.

Join the tens of thousands of satisfied customers worldwide & enjoy a more restful comfortable and undisturbed night sleep

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