Anti Snore 6 Spring Mouth Guard

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The Original Acusnore Anti Snore 6 Spring Mouth Piece Guard with Storage Case


Key Features

  • immediate relief from snoring heavy breathing & grinding teeth.
  • drug free hypo- allergenic all natural
  • recommended by NHS doctors for treating & stopping snoring
  • ready to use: no moulding no mess no waiting!
  • money back guarantee.

Product Description

There are many reasons why people snore. The most common is called "simple snoring" brought on by tiredness stress obesity drink nasal or sinus problems and even your sleeping position.

During sleep the mouth and throat muscles relax. The tongue can drop and the vibration of the uvula during the sleeping cycle can translate to snoring. The innovative design of the Acusnore Anti Snore 6 Spring Mouth Piece combats this by gently pulling the jaw forward to keep the upper airway open allowing air to flow freely. Inhaling and exhaling is uninterrupted giving you a quiet peaceful night's sleep.

Unique Design:

1.Four large breathing holes for easy breathing whilst the mouth is open.

2.A tongue guard to control the tongue position.

3.Higher sides for optimum retention.

4.Air spring base for variable bite opening and gentle TM joint decompression.

5.Comfortable ready molded silicone design.

Shipping Size

UK: Over 2.5cm - Parcel

Outside UK/ ROW: Over 2.0cm - Parcel

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