Fask Mask Strap

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Generise Adjustable Face Mask Support Strap

As the Saying Goes, “It Does Exactly What Is Says on The Tin”.

If You Want to Adjust the Fit of Your Face Mask, Then This Simple but Highly Effective Face Mask Strap Is the Tool You Need.

With 3 Different Fits You Will Find the Comfort and Fit of Your Face Mask Increases Greatly.

It Also Means Less Touching of The Face Mask and Most All, Its Reusable.

Do Regular Face Mask Loops Irritate Your Ears?

The Face Mask Strap Can Be Used Both with And Without Having to Loop the Face Mask Loops Over the Ear.

If Using Without Looping Over the Ears Then Simple Place the Face Mask Ear Loops Below the Earlobe, So That Both Straps Are on The Back of Your Neck.


Light Weight


3 Adjustments for A Better Fit 

Hand Bag and Pocket Friendly

Space Saving

Reduce Friction on the Ears

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