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No matter whether you are a professional sportsman or a fitness enthusiast, you should spend at least half an hour per day on stretching to stay in good shape for a long time. The resistance band exercises will help you to increase your range of motion, maintain excellent flexibility, and improve athletic performance. Using fitness stretch bands, you will also minimise the risk of injuries and strains, getting your muscles prepared for heavy lifting. Even if you’re going through a rehabilitation program after a severe injury, bands with low resistance level may come in handy as they are perfect for enhancing your strength and flexibility without traumatising your muscles and joints. 

So, if you’re going to buy stretch bands to make your training routine more versatile, . We are dead set on surpassing your expectations by selling only high-quality sports equipment at competitive prices. So, wait no more and opt for the best ballet stretch bands to give your body an effective workout whenever you are. 

If you want to get stronger and improve your flexibility, but you’ve a lack of time hitting the gym, our ballet stretch bands is the best option. While taking minimal space and being light in weight, they are easy to carry and store. So, if you travel a lot or prefer to workout at home, getting a resistance ballet band will be a smart decision. 

They go in two colours, pink and blue. Made of durable rubber, these resistance bands are long-lasting and impossible to be torn. They come in a variety of sizes, length, and resistance levels that makes them a perfect call for both professional athletes and beginners. 

Here are some more advantages of adding this exercise equipment to your training routine:

  • Train anywhere you like. Since resistance bands are incredibly light, easily stored, and thus portable, you can always take your workout with you. There is a myriad of exercises that can be done outside, in the office, hotel room, and wherever you want to stretch your body. 
  • Exercise safely. If you don’t have a personal trainer, elastic bands are ideal for you. They eliminate the risk of straining your joints, dropping heavy dumbbells on your feet or hurting your fingers when working out with weight plates. Now you can tone your muscles and get fitter without any traumatising exercises. 
  • Enjoy your cost-effective workout. Unlike more advanced fitness equipment, elastic stretch bands are relatively cheap. Besides, you will get an exercise guide free of charge when purchasing them at Starwood Sports. With us, you will be able to rock out without spending a fortune on modern sports equipment. 

Product Dimensions - 228 cm

Material: Rubber

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