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Generise Push Up Board With Handles, Straps and Carry Bag

Build Strength and Muscle – Adapt and improve your push-up positions to build your chest, arms, back and shoulders - A truly great upper body development tool!

High-Quality Materials: The push-up board is made of high-quality ABS plastic and comes with a non-slip mat. Use the two together to make your daily exercise safer and more comfortable.

Multifunctional Push-up Board: Colour guide muscle board. Exercise your upper body muscles in a fully round way. You can insert the handle into the slot of the corresponding colour according to the muscles you need to target during exercise.

Blue: Targets the chest muscles as well as secondary muscle groups.

Red: Exercises the shoulders as well as secondary muscle groups.

Green: Exercises the triceps as well as secondary muscle groups.

Yellow: Exercises the back muscles as well as secondary muscle groups.

Foldable Design: The new folding push-ups are foldable, smaller in size, and easy to use. You do not need to go to the gym anymore, you can exercise at home or on business

Wrist Protection: Exercise on the push-up board to avoid direct pressing of the palms on the ground, prevent ligament damage due to joint compression, and reduce the body pressure during training, so as to stretch and exercise muscles more effectively.


x1 Push Up Board

x1 pair of Handles

x1 Pair of Elasticated Bands

x1 Carry Bag

Non Slip Stickers

Material: ABS

Dimensions: W 70 cm L 19 cm H 2 cm (Unfolded)

Folded: W 35 cm

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