Hair Threading Wand

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Groomarang For Her 'Fleek'

World's First Hair Threading & Eyebrow Shaping Wand

Our unique fleek tool is the only device which has an epilator and razor i one easy to use device. No need to carry multiple devices, this 2 in 1 tool is all you will need!

Remove Facial Hair effectively using Groomarang Epilator Wand and Use Eyebrow Razor / Trimmer to shape and sculpt brows. Eyebrow Razor Can Be Used as A Dermaplaning Razor and Peach Fuzz Razor as Well

  • Epilator Wand works her magic by precisely trapping unwanted face hair in its defined springs and lifts the hair from the root.
  • One off low cost payment. Say no to expensive hair removal systems.
  • No Irritations or side effects from bleaching creams or laser hair removal.
  • The more often you use Epilator Wand, the slower the hair grows back again.
  • Long term use can lead to permanent hair removal effects.
  • Quicker than tweezers as it plucks an area of hair at a time.
  • Suitable for the chin, cheeks and upper lips area.
  • Use the Razor / Trimmer for removing and shaping eyebrows.
  • The Single-Edge blade is suitable for delicate and fine hair.

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