It's Bananas! the Monkey Tail Game

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It's Bananas! the Monkey Tail Game for Kids, Teens and Tipsy Adults, Family fun,

After completely selling out in 2019, It’s Bananas! the hilarious family party game. It’s Bananas! is designed to have you, your friends and your family, laughing from the minute you put on your monkey tail to your last whack of a coconut.

Designed this game so that children as young as 6 could enjoy the game just as much as their parents and grandparents. It’s a multigenerational party game. Nothing makes us happier than seeing several generations bond over the same activity, especially over Christmas. We’ve also designed the challenges so that it difficult for both the child and adult; no need to hold back or let the younger ones win in It’s Bananas; it’s tougher than you think!

Ideal for all occasions!!

Its Bananas takes 4+ players so is ideal for large groups of friends and family, so perfect for birthday parties, school games, dinner parties, game nights, and Christmas. Test your motor skills, speed, accuracy, patience and listening abilities with our unique set of challenges. If you love Heads Up, Pie Face, Watch Ya’ Mouth, Who’s The Dude, Jenga, Hedbanz, Connect 4, Guess Who, Twister, What Do You Meme, then It’s Bananas! is the perfect toy for you!

EASY TO PLAY. We’ve redesigned our instructions and simplified gameplay even more to get you playing in no time. Our instructions are mostly illustration based so unlike other games there is little reading. We also have high spec video instruction pages. How do you play? Split into two teams, and compete in a series of monkey challenges. Win the challenge, win bananas. The team with the most bananas wins.

Ages 6+ / 4+ players / 30 min

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