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  • Pest Shield Extra Strength Glue Traps are ideal for controlling unwanted mice, Fly's, Insect and Bugs in the home. Pests are among the most common unwanted home pests in the UK and are an unpleasant pest for homeowners.
  • Remove unwanted pests from your home with the Pest Shield extra strength glue traps. These pesticide-free and non-toxic traps come with extra strength adhesive and are ready for use.
  • The large sticky traps have a lock-tab tent design, which catches Fly's, Insect and Bugs inside the tent and hides the pest, making disposal quick and easy. These traps are a great low-cost control option
  • Can be used inside the house or in the garden. You can place on carpet, hardwood flooring, tiles or use double sided tape to stick to the wall
  • Multipurpose Traps – These can be used to catch unwanted visitors in the home like Pests, fly’s, moths, bugs, insects and more.

Easily Disposable


Includes 3 glue traps per pack

Large, strong holding capture surface

Poison free

You can fold or use as a flat trap

Cut for hard to reach and narrow runs

A direct and effective solution to infestation

Can also be used to catch mice, rats, fly’s and moths

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