Pet Tick Remover

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Generise Tick Remover 3 Pack

Free your pets of ticks immediately with the 3pc set tick removal remover tool

3 sizes fit all tick types: with 3 different sizes of tick removers - small, medium and large, works on all sizes of ticks.

One specially shaped super-fine-tip tweezers: can be used to precisely remove tiny embedded deer ticks or tick nymphs.

Removes entire head of tick without squeezing the abdomen, just hook, twist and lift the tick away, reducing risk of infection.

Use the tweezers if unskilled: you can trap the tick when hook then pull it out, please be careful and do not hurt your pets.


Slide the hook around the tick.

Twist until you feel it loosen and pull the hook once this has loosened. 

Colour: Light Blue


S= 1MM

M= 2MM

L= 3MM

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