Scalp Massaging Brush

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Silicone Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush

There Are Hundreds of Acupuncture Points on The Head of The Human Body. When Using the Product, The Product Can Effectively Stimulate the Acupuncture Points, Promote Blood Circulation, Dredge the Meridians and Relieve Fatigue. Can Be Used for People and Pets as Well


Reduce Stress

Perfect Size and Grip to Fit in The Palm of Your Hand

Wet and Dry Scalp Brush / Comb. 

Great for Dandruff Relief.

Exfoliating Treatment.

Massage Shampoo into The Scalp as Well as Massaging the Scalp

Helps promotes Hair Growth

Reduces Build-Up of Toxins on The Scalp

Ergonomic Design Brings Comfort to Your Hand.

Soft Silicone Comb Massage the Scalp to Promote Blood Circulation, Exfoliate and Clean the Scalp. It Helps Hair Growth, To A Certain Extent, It Can Alleviate Hair Loss.

Suitable for Men, Women, Boys and Girls.

Suitable for Pets

Great for All Scalp and Hair Types.

How to Use:

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Simply Wet Your Hair, Apply Your Shampoo and Massage Your Scalp All Over Using the Silicone Massage Shampoo Brush. As Well As Feeling Amazing, its Will Clean, Stimulate Blood Flow Which Has Been Known to Promote Hair Growth, Relief Stress and Reduce Dandruff When Compared to Using Your Hands Only.

Size:  8cm x 7cm 


Avoid sharing.

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