Tongue Scraper

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Glamza Tongue Scraper - Blue
Oral Hygiene Problems Such as Bad Breath and Plaque Formation, Are Associated with A Build-Up of Bacteria on The Tongue. Daily or Regular Use Will Help Promote Fresher Breath, Improved Taste Sensitivity and A Cleaner, Healthier Mouth. Use Daily as A Part of Your Oral Hygiene Routine.
Narrow Headed Design Minimizes Gag Reflex.
Enjoy Fresh Breath and Restored Taste.
Improves Oral Hygiene.
Removes Plaque Forming Bacteria.
Remove Residue.
Quick And Easy to Use;
Gently Slide Along the Tongue from Back to Front and Rinse.
If It Makes You Gag You Are Reaching Too Far.
Size: 17.5cm X 3.6cm

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