Tough Bristle Beard Brush

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The Groomarang ‘O’ Boar Bristle Beard Brush is perfect for keeping your beard in tip top shape. It will keep your beard looking sharp, shaped and soft.

The innovative ‘O’ shape makes it easy to grip and manoeuvre, whilst the boar bristles are ideal for applying your favourite beard balm or beard oil.

Our branded Groomarang boar bristle brushes easily massage balms and oils deeply into the beard and skin, ensuring you can keep those rough hairs in order and maintain the healthy condition of your beard.

How to Use:

The look you wish to create depends on your own unique style. If you wish to puff your beard up and out, then simple brush from under your jaw under in an upwards and outwards direction OR if you wish to flat and lengthen your beard start from your cheek line and brush downwards. 

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