Ultimate 20pc Gift Set

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Kit Contents

- 15 Piece Manicure Kit

- Beard Shaping Comb

- Shampoo Ball & Beard Wash

- Protective Shave Cream

- Shower Gel

- Nunchuck Hair Threading & Shaving Device

15 Piece Manicure Kit

Small in size and weight, makes it easy to travel with. Being strong and robust, make it perfect for everyday use. Each tool is manufactured by the careful process of cutting. With its non slip designs and use of martensitic stainless steels for strength and toughness, the kit exceeds all expectations. Unlike your traditional shiny grooming tools, the hot dipped manicure tools are long wearing, rust and corrosion resistant. The repeated heat treatment and grinding process during manufacture creates harder and sharper tools.

Nunchuck Hair Threading & Shaving Device

Kung Fu your way to a perfectly groomed face with the Groomarang Nunchuck, the World's first all in one facial threading and shaving device!

Beard Shaping Comb

Provides the perfect solution to a badly shaped beard. Innovatively developed to be used alongside razors and clippers, the Groomarang beard shaping comb is used to design endless facial hair styles, keeping the modern man looking fresh and up to date.

Shampoo Ball & Beard Wash

No fuss, No mess! A simple, solid (SLS free) shampoo, does away with wasteful over packaging as it effectively cleanses & moisturises to leave your hair ( and beard) looking nourished and healthy

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