Vibrating Head Massager

Vibrating Head Massager

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Relieve Stress, Tension & Fatigue in an Instance!

Volumon's battery powered Vibrating Head Massager uses it's 12 flexible, vibrating fingers to immediately stimulate pressure points across the scalp and neck area, instantly relieving stress, tension and fatigue. The beautifully designed steel device will leave you feeling stimulated, relaxed, soothed and calm.



Lightweight & Slim:

The weightless fingers will give a tingling, yet a gentle and sensuous massage to the scalp and neck area.


Reduce Hair Loss & Stimulate Hair Growth:

The device promotes blood flow in and around the scalp, stimulating millions of nerve endings. The increased blood circulation aids in the absorption of nutriments used on the hair, meaning you can get rid of dandruff, promote hair growth and make the current hair more healthy and strong.

Instant Stress Relief:

Providing instant stress relief, the Volumon Vibrating Massager is designed to specifically stimulate nerve endings and massage acupressure points on your neck, scalp and temple. With its 12 vibrating prongs, finished with soft rubber ends, the device will leave you feeling fully relaxed and soothed.



The massager provides the ultimate convenience. You don't need a personal human massager, this is your personal massager. With its sleek design, long handle and vibrating function, you can massage yourself to full effect comfortably and easily, experiencing sensations you have never felt before.

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