How To Care For Your Beauty Wig

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Caring for your wig- Is very important to keep the wig looking in its original style. This will also help the wig to last longer. 

Please find below some tips on how care for your wig:

Wash & Condition:

When combing the wig use a wide tooth comb gently on the wig without pulling it through. If the wig is curled or has a different style ( not straight ) then comb your fingers through it. 

Use shampoos that are used on synthetic hair and use lukewarm water to wash. 

To keep the wig looking soft and shiny use wig conditioner. Always be sure to wash the shampoo and conditioner out thoroughly.

Use a wig stand to air dry your wig.

Styling your wig:

There are styling tools that are made for synthetic hair which can be used to style your wigs but you must not use heat of more than 160 as this can damage your wig. If there are any split ends you can trim these to keep it looking smooth as well using a small amount of oil for wigs for the shine.

Maintaining and storing your wig: 

Keep your wig away from direct sunlight and heat. When the wig is not in use, keep it on the wig stand. For long term storage wrap your wig in tissue or netting and store it in a box.

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