How To Straighten Your Beauty Wig

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Straightening your wig:

Before straightening or using heat on the wig make sure it is tangle free. To do this put the wig on a flat surface and use a wide tooth comb or detangle brush, start with combing from the ends and slowly work your way to the roots. Try not to pull on the hair as this results in breakages which you want to avoid.

To protect your wig from heat use heat protection spray before using any heating tools.

Place the wig on the wig stand and use a straightener with heat set on 160 ( nothing higher).Clip the hair up in sections and you're ready to start straightening. 

Straighten section by section and don’t repeat  on the sections that are hot.

Once the whole wig has been straightened and cooled down use a brush or a wide tooth comb from end to roots one final smooth finish.

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