Acupressure Mat with Pillow

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With the help of this acupressure mat, the secretion of endorphins with their analgesic effects is activated, to help you relieve neck pain, back, shoulder pain. Simultaneously, the tips promote blood circulation, more oxygen and essential nutrition are transported for muscle cells, reducing stiffness and relaxing muscles.

When you lie down on the acupressure mat, after a few minutes, the heat spreads through your body thanks to the thorns of the mat. This mat is suitable for: back pain, headache, shoulder pain, neck pain, blood circulation, muscle and joint relaxation and other types of body problems.

Acupressure mat will help relieve back pain, neck pain after a hard working day. You can offer it as a gift for your family to give them relaxation and relief.


  • Activates the secretion of endorphins and relieves pain.
  • Relaxes the back muscles and the whole nervous system.
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Acts on lumbar and cervical stiffness caused by heavy and repetitive tasks or also by everyday life. It is also beneficial for sciatica, herniated discs, cervical pain, lumbago as well as all back pain.
  • Effective on osteoarthritis, tendonitis and sprains, stress, vital energy, sleep, mood, fibromyalgia and depression.
  • Helps you feel better when you have migraines, hot flashes, menstrual pain, arthritis, water retention, detoxification and loss of appetite.
  • Increases endorphin levels and helps the lymphatic and immune systems function properly.
  • Regulates, soothes and stimulates the nervous system.
  • Helps to find sleep and to sleep well.
  • Anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Positive effects on concentration and mental clarity.
  • The body is healthier and able to regulate itself.



Mat and pillow can be easily and comfortably stored. The material consists of 100% cotton and is washable. Just take out the foam core and it is ready for washing. But caution: The acupressure mat should always be washed separately, because the plastic tips could damage other textiles.


Dimensions: Acupressure Mat W 42 cm x L 68 cm x H 2 cm Acupressure Cushion W 33 cm x L 15 cm x H 10 cm


Material: Cotton and Plastic Acupressure tips


Green with White spikes

Purple with White spikes

Black with green spikes

Black with purple spikes

Black with blue spikes

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