Gym Stretching Straps

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Generise Gym Stretching Straps

If you are all about ballet, dancing, fitness, pilates or yoga, flexibility is crucial to enhance your athletic performance. By adding our stretching strap with loops to your workout routine, you can easily stay away from injuries and make the most of your training. Wait no longer and grab this sports equipment to experience that first hand.

We bet you dream of having a fit body. Well, who doesn’t? Then do stretches before and after workouts with no ifs or buts. How to make those fun and diverse? The Sports’ stretch strap with loops is an out-of-this-world tool to shake your workouts up. It’s affordable, portable and so helpful for your flexibility.

Get this band and start practicing if you would give your eye teeth to master tricky yoga poses or finally do the splits. You’ll be able to challenge yourself to work on flexibility and eventually nail all stretching exercises, from easy to advanced.

Stretch your body while increasing your range of motion and enhancing flexibility. From now on, you don’t need multiple tools to do this at the same time! If you still can’t target some of your muscles, our yoga strap for stretches will do the trick for your body.


Perform a countless number of moves. Achieve an impeccable level of flexibility by getting the hang of bound angle pose, reclining leg stretches and everything in between.

Enhance the effectiveness of your workouts: Boost your muscle tone when doing stretches in different ways. This will help make your body stronger from all sides. 

Improve your health: Perfect for rehabilitation and relaxation, Starwood Sports’ strap can work wonders for injured joints and muscles. Use numbered loops to recover step by step.

Exercise any place: We offer this stretch-out strap for sale to make your sports routine more comfortable. It is small and easy-to-carry so that you can take a workout wherever you go.

Does stretching take a backseat during your workout, especially when you are short of time?

If so, you make a fatal mistake day after day. What’s even worse, you aren’t alone. Many fitness enthusiasts fail to spend at least 15 minutes stretching. It’s time to change this pattern up!

Here is what your body can be exposed to if stretching is fallen by the wayside:

  • You can suffer from increased muscle tightness
  • The risk of getting injuries is maximised
  • Your athletic performance goes down
  • The chance of muscle spasms is higher
  • Your blood circulation is at risk

Don’t let these unfortunate consequences find their way in your life! Save yourself the trouble of seeking medical treatment by ordering the best stretching strap. It will be of help to make your training sessions not only healthier but also more enjoyable.

Material: Polyester

Dimensions: 234 x 4 cm

Colour: Black with Blue

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