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Wrist straps are ubiquitous whenever it comes to handling heavy weights. Sure, you can chalk up (if this practice is allowed) to minimise the effects of sweaty palms. But no chalk in this world will help when you feel that your muscles can pull off yet your natural grip is not strong enough. This is a sign that you need extra assistance, like that provided by our weightlifting straps.

Your grip strength is inferior to your hamstrings and lats, getting in the way of your progress with maximal weights. With our accessories, however, you can boost it and thus lift much more than you could bare-handed. That is why they can not only improve your bar grip but skyrocket your performance on next-level sets.

Of all grip-enhancing accessories available on the market, these take their rightful place as unmatched ones. You can use them to perform power cleans, jerks, rows and, of course, deadlifts. It won’t hurt to add more strength and improved safety to your workouts.

Unlike other straps, our accessories provide a lifting aid while feeling comfortable on your wrists. Plus, hard-wearing nylon allows them to be used for the heaviest weights without tearing apart. Now you can do as many sets as needed, knowing your gear won’t let you down.

Do you think all this just can’t translate into cheap lifting straps? Check out the price tag on our accessories, and you’ll change your mind in an instant. We offer premium-quality wraps and help you avoid going to great expense to get them. Save your money by ordering these straps right now!

  • Provide a tight grip – Whether you’re a starter or have been lifting for a good while, your grip strength is not boundless. Prevent mishaps from happening by letting Starwood Sports’ weightlifting straps assist your fingers. They will help you progress to heavier pulls while ensuring the safety of your workouts.
  • Best for deadlifts, pull-ups and other exercises – These straps are not only for weight room applications. You can also use them for chin-ups, shrugs, dumbbell lunges and virtually any other exercise that involves the risk of weights slipping out of your hands.
  • Lasso-style accessories to meet everyone’s needs – The length of these weight lifting straps is 24" or 61 cm. They are extra-long, meaning that you can loop them twice for an improved barbell grip and additional wrist support. The extended length is beneficial to all athletes.
  • Extra padding for maximum comfort – Unlike hooks, these nylon lifting straps for gym workouts protect you from stretch marks and calluses. They create a cushioning effect so that even the heaviest weights don’t cut into your skin.
  • Supports Wrist joints and forearms.
  • Excellent and durable.
  • Allows you to lift more.
  • Helps you to be stable and confident.
  • Reduce Muscle Strain.
  • Helps to prevent you from injuries.
  • Enhance grip while lifting.
  • Easy to clean.

Product Dimensions - 24 inches long, 1 pair.

Material: Premium quality heavy cotton material.

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