Soldering Flux Powder

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Generise Jewellers and Silversmiths Soldering Flux - 3 Options
Composition: 99.9% Pure!
Size: 200g, 500g & 1kg
Usage and Instructions: Use for all precious metals, silver, gold and platinum group as well as all cupreous metals.
Prevents oxidisation of the solder and soldering area.
Flux powder is simple to use. Simply mix with water to create a creamy consistency.
Apply to the joint or area to be soldered / welded with a fine brush. Also coat the solder pallion or wire.
Apply gentle heat to dry the paste which ensures the solder sticks and does not jump off and then solder as normal.
Coating for crucibles prior to metal melting - New crucibles need to be glazed with flux before melting your metal which ensures the molten metal flows freely. 
Sprinkle the powder in the crucible and apply heat with your torch or kiln.
Continue to add small quantities until the whole interior is glazed.
During the melting process a little borax sprinkled on the molten metal will help to maintain flow and prevent oxidisation.
Ingredients: Ammonium Chloride

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